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Digital convergence – A friend or Foe for education system? 09 April 2014

Dr P Martin Jebaraj, Director R & D, BMS College of Engineering; Visvesvaraya Technological University led the weekly discussion on the topic “Digital convergence-A Friend or Foe?” The session was broadcasted live through A-VIEW on April 9th, 2014.

We are at the cross roads i.e. the old generation, who started teaching without digital facility, now, shall transform fully into what digital world offer. The question is “Are we ready?”

The Highlights of the talk

  • The Grand digital convergence
  • Digital lectures
  • Traditional vs. Digital learning
  • Changes inside colleges –prepare faculty to adopt digital mode of teaching, digital testing or grading, have chat sessions for classroom, make faculty to author eBooks, use animation, 3D imaging Augmented reality etc
  • Changes in university – educate high level body representatives on the digital domain educational system, allot funds to implement digital system

Speaker’s Profile

- Dr P Martin Jebaraj is specialized in advanced materials and heads the Centre of Excellence under TEQIP.

- Was Dean of VTU and is involved in online curriculum delivery systems.

- Keen to focus on Technology driven educational systems.