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Falling in love with programming using Logo 30 October, 2013

Dr Jey Veerasamy, Director of CS Outreach, Teaching Faculty in Computer Science, University of Texas, Dallas, USA led the weekly discussion on the topic “Falling in love with programming using Logo”. The session was broadcasted live through A-VIEW on October 30th, 2013.

Dr Jey organizes workshops and summer camps for Dallas metroplex school students in Programming and makes informed decision about their careers. As part of CSK12 Outreach activities at the University of Texas at Dallas, he explored Logo programming to introduce programming for elementary school students.

Logo is all about drawings! While each statement in a typical logo program has 1 to 4 words, it has all the essential constructs like variables. IF statements, loops, functions and even recursion! He even convinced that Logo is enjoyable and it can be a stepping stone for all ages. Logo environment can also be used to show several Math concepts to life!

During the program, Dr Jey said that Logo programming can be called as Turtle programming. He explained about writing programs, syntax and various commands used for programming. Repeat, Clear screen, Length, go forward are some of the commands he explained briefly during the talk.

About the Speaker:

Dr Jeyakesavan Veerasamy has worked in wireless telecom industry for 16 years and joined UT Dallas in Fall 2013 to focus more on teaching, which is his passion. Dr. Jey organizes workshops and summer camps for school students to learn programming in enjoyable manner & additional hands-on workshops for UTD students to strengthen their technical skills to get better jobs.