Aview - Video Conferencing Tool

Home Minister launches A-VIEW in MSN English Medium High School, Andhra Pradesh 22 February, 2015

On Sunday February 22nd, 2015, the Honorable Home Minister N.China Rajappa introduced E learning software AVIEW Developed from Amrita University to students in MSN English Medium High School.

Home Minister N.China Rajappa said that the Government was giving more priority to e-learning and related concepts. “The Chief Minister is keen on computerization and the government strongly believes that development is possible with the software,” he said, while interacting with the students on video conferencing mode the children posed various questions to the home minster on the use of information technology at the government level with special reference to the police department.

School director M.Sri Vijay, MLAs Vanamadi Kondababu, Pilli Ananthalakshmi and Datla Buchi Babu, ZP Chairman Namana Rambabu and others were present.

The A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World) platform is an online easy-to-use E-Learning tool developed by Amrita University and funded by the Ministry of HRD. A-VIEW is especially designed for interactive video conferencing and sharing of content and assessment materials in online teaching and training. It is currently deployed at over 6500 colleges and 500 universities all over India.

View of AVIEW by Mr M.Srivijay secretary of MSN Educational Institutions.

The AVIEW is an award winning, indigenously built, multimedia e-learning platform that provides an immersive e-learning experience that is almost as good as a real classroom experience for the students.

The AVIEW classroom is a frame work that provides a rich interactive social environment for e – learning and it is user-friendly video conferencing software, which provides a great opportunity for a teacher to teach in a live interactive mode to various geographical locations across in India.

“It is for the first time in Andhra Pradesh to introduce in high schools. It is very useful to the students to grab the knowledge from the experts across the country.” said Mr M.Srivijay,

He said that AVIEW provides opportunity to conduct several universities together and creates virtual world for students and it also act as a knowledge cafe where students can discuss /chat about the lecture after the live class and owing to the introduction of the software in classrooms, there are many benefits for the schools which suffer from shortage of teachers.

He said that the software will provide classes live and recorded, provide access to lecture at varying bandwidths to multiple devices, multiple teacher and student interaction through video and chat sessions, simple click to share and kind of file, content can be displayed across multiple displays enabling a rich viewing experience, multi-device compatible white board, hand rise option for students to interact with teacher and also conduct online workshops and conferences live to the affiliated colleges.