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Join NME-ICT mission and reap benefits: NK Sinha told educational institutions 23-December, 2011

Quality content, high-speed connectivity and proper devices are vital to achieve the flagship mission

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The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Additional Secretary Shri N.K Sinha has urged all the educational institutions in the country to join in the NME-ICT mission (National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology) at the earliest. “All institutions, whether it is Polytechnic Colleges, Engineering Colleges or Arts and Science Colleges, should realize that NME-ICT is their mission and their product. To disseminate quality education to all everyone should actively participate in this mission.”

He was addressing the Vice-Chancellors at the NME-ICT South Zone meeting on December 23rd 2011 through Amrita University’s award winning e-learning platform A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World) from MHRD’s New Delhi office.

Around 80 Vice-Chancellors from various Universities attended the one-day conference held at Chennai.

In his key note address, Shri Sinha emphasized that quality content, high-speed connectivity and proper devices are vital to achieve the flagship mission of MHRD.


He highlighted that content is the king. “To generate quality content, we do require support from all educational institutions. And, learners can avail this content free of cost from Sakshat website - www.sakshat.ac.in


NK Sinha, who is also the Mission Director of NME-ICT project, said “We are trying to deliver broadband connection to all institutions under the NME-ICT mission. At present, around 250 Universities have been using 1 Gbps connectivity on optical fibre. Govt. of India has been providing 75 per cent of the total cost to the educational institution to set up connectivity. Hence they only have to invest 25 per cent. For example if the total cost is Rs 40 lakh, the institution has to invest only 10 lakh.”


“For easy learning, the MHRD has developed ultra low-cost device called Akash tablet. Amrita University’s A-VIEW, which is being distributed to all educational institutions free of cost, already is available in Akash tablet. Through this facility anyone can learn, share their knowledge from anywhere at any time. All students should utilize this golden opportunity to explore new horizons in education sector to enrich their knowledge”

He added that the MHRD has ordered BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) to deliver Akash tablet while providing connectivity also.

Build LAN quickly

Shri Sinha said that most of the institutions lack LAN (Local Area Network). “If institutions don’t complete the work of LAN before 31st March 2012, it would be tough to allocate funds for them in the 12th Five-Year Plan.”

Shri Krish Gopalasamy, Associate Director, Amrita E-Learning Research Lab gave a presentation about A-VIEW, recent awards for A-VIEW, A-VIEW in media, current and future releases of the software and the status of major deployments. It was followed by a live demo of A-VIEW.

Currently, a dozen of online programs are being aired through Amrita University’s multipurpose e-learning platform A-VIEW. Online Gurukul, a pioneering initiative meant for Arts & Science college students in Kerala is held every Tuesday. National Weekly discussions between Universities are scheduled on Wednesday while Ask a Question is conducted on Thursday. Apart from these, national workshops as part of Talk to a Teacher program are also transmitted through A-VIEW.