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National Trainers Certification on A-VIEW at ICTEE 2012 Conference 04-January, 2012

Aview IEEE, Video Conference

As part of the ICTEE 2012 conference, Amrita E-Learning Research Lab will be conducting A-VIEW workshop under “Talk to a Teacher” project in association with IIT Bombay on January 4th 2012. This workshop aims at providing hands on training for using A-VIEW, a state-of-the –art e-learning tool developed by Amrita. All participants of this workshop will be certified National Trainers of A-VIEW and can work as national coordinators for training programs through A-VIEW.

Professor Deepak B. Phatak from IIT Bombay will address the gathering using A-VIEW from IIT Bombay. He has used A-VIEW for conducting various Teacher Empowerment Programs to train thousands of trainers across the country.

Professor Kannan Moudgalya, IIT Bombay will guide all the participants in creating Spoken Tutorials that is part of the Talk to a Teacher program under NME-ICT.