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Sustainable Approaches for Green Computing, Economy & Environment 29 August, 2013

Dr. A. Nagappan, Principal, VMKV Engineering College, Vinayaka Missions Univeristy, led the weekly discussion on the topic “Sustainable Approaches for Green Computing, Economy & Environment”. The session was broadcasted live through A-VIEW on August 29th, 2013.

During the talk, Dr. A. Nagappan briefly discussed about GreenIT. GreenIT means that we use, dispose, design and manufacture using Green methods providing economic benefits and social value. He also mentions that our current environment is tipping towards disaster and the only way we can solve this is through GreenIT. The main theme is to reduce the environmental disaster mankind has created. There is air and water pollution everywhere. Reducing our emissions and wastes is also our concern. According to his statement, GreenIT is necessity now and not an option.

Dr. A. Nagappan

Dr. A. Nagappan, Principal of VMKV Eng. College, Vinayaka Missions University, graduated first class with a B.E. in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering in 1987 from Annamalai University. His master’s degree in M.S. in Electronics and Control was done at BITS Pilani, Rajasthan in 1995 graduating First class. He obtained his Doctoral Degree in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering at Vinayaka Missions University In 2008.

Dr. A. Nagappan has got an excellent research and academic standing with professional service spanning tow decades, crowned with exemplary success in his research projects that have earned him many journal publications and conference presentations both in the National and International forums. He is also crowned with a Lifetime Achievement Award (2006) bestowed upon him at Chennai by Prof. V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai, the then Chairman (In charge). University Grants Commission, New Delhi. He is a Reviewer of the Journal of Applied Sciences, an International Journal.