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An enjoyable Introduction to programming using Khan Academy- Java Script 23 January, 2013

Dr. Jey Kesavan Veerasamy

Dr. Jeyakesavan Veerasamy, Director of CS UT Design Program & Teaching Faculty, Department of Computer Science, Erik Jonsson School, UT Dallas led the weekly discussion on 23rd January 2013 with his talk on ” An enjoyable Introduction to programming using Khan Academy- Java Script” via A-VIEW.

The current trend in teaching Computer Programming in most colleges in India and US is to jump straight into C,C++ or Java programming. Majority of the college students really struggle with syntax errors and hence try to memorize the programs and postpone the learning or even run away from programming. This makes the enjoyment of ‘learning to program’ completely lost. In reality, not many subjects can give that enjoyment through ‘ trial and error’ experience and instant gratification as programming and Computer Science can do.

Suggested Sequence

Rather than going straight to C/C++/ Java programming, students can start with Drag and Drop Programming and Animation using Alice. Then move to free from typing and drawings using Khan Academy Java Script. This will help you learn about syntax errors gently and still having fun while learning. Once you start enjoying java script programming and get a hang of the coding, then it is only a small step to go to C/C++/Java programming.

Further Dr. Jey gave a hands-on demo on how Khan Academy can be used for learning Programming with several examples.