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Effective career plan: Vital for successful life 24-January, 2012

If you do the same activity every day, it may retard your career growth

Shri Sunil D Kuruvilla, eminent career expert and founder director of Insight Mission, said “Career is all about challenges and learning. Growth happens when we learn to overcome challenges. While you increase your knowledge and experience, gradually, your self-value and status will also rise. As a result, society will start respecting you.”

He was interacting with the college students as part of Online Gurukul weekly session from Amrita University Amritapuri campus on January 24, 2012.

He stressed that an effective career planning would equip a person to scale new heights in professional career graph. “So try to construct a career plan with timely objectives. It’s significant for your personal achievement,” he said

Satisfy yourself

“Many people are not able to contribute society as they are dissatisfied. Hence, they can’t enjoy their work. If you are a satisfied person, you would try to satisfy others. Satisfied mindset would definitely help you to experiment new things. Then, you will start enjoying your career.”

Pick right choice

First of all, you should decide in which area you are confident and comfortable. Before picking a choice, you should analyze the advantages and disadvantages in the chosen field and check whether your interests and passions match with the chosen career. For example, you cannot select a career in Animation if you detest drawing.

Keeps in the track

People who have a vision about their career will work hard to achieve their objectives set out while others may lose their track.

Around 10 colleges participated in the online interaction.

The goal of Online Gurukul is to assist and empower needy students. The classes are being transmitted through Amrita University's award winning E-Learning platform - A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World).