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Enhancing employability enriches your life 21 February, 2012

The growth that you achieve in your profession is imperative

Leadership Skills

Eminent career expert Shri Sunil D Kuruvilla spoke on Employability Enhancement Programme in the Online Gurukul weekly session held on February 21, 2012. While interacting with the participants, he said career awareness classes should actually begin from school-level. “Though it is a tough task, first of all, educate the school students about the significance of career awareness classes in the competitive environment and equip the teachers for teaching such creative subjects.”

Kerala: Poor in employability

He highlighted that the studies conducted by various multi-national companies revealed that the employability skills of Kerala students are not up to the mark. “Employability is a major problem in Kerala. It’s an alarming situation. Therefore, everyone should try to enhance their employability by horning their skills effectively and efficiently,” he added.

Progress in profession essential

Employability is all about developing the skills to grab a job, stay in and progress gradually in the world of work. “Often, many people enter a job and quit it soon. The growth that you achieve in your profession is imperative. When a person registers growth / progress in his profession, it leads to job satisfaction. It is known as career.”

He added that the employability skills can be applied in day-to-day life also.

Develop following management skills;

  • Positive attitude and behaviour
  • Being responsible
  • Being adaptable
  • Learn continuously
  • Marketable

Prerequisite skills to succeed

Shri Sunil said a person in order to succeed in his career, should develop general skills depending up on his profession. “For example, a Personal Secretary should possess basic computer skills, ability to speak and write English fluently etc. Such skills would not only help a person to get a job but also to succeed in his life.”


Around 12 colleges attend the online interaction.

The goal of Online Gurukul is to assist and empower needy students. The classes are being transmitted through Amrita University's award winning E-Learning platform - A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World).