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Facing an interview: Effective strategies 16 October, 2011

Dr. B. S. Warrier

To educate the students on how to approach interview with self-confidence, an interactive session on Facing an interview: Effective strategies was conducted as part of the weekly session of Online Gurukul on 16th October, 2012.

Eminent Career Guru Dr. B. S. Warrier piloted the session.

Interview: A stage to exhibit skills

In his key note address, Dr. Warrier said that a smile within you and a confident approach are sure to make you win. “Never show your frustration. Consider interview as a stage to showcase your talent,” explained Dr. Warrier, former Deputy Director of Technical Education, Government of Kerala.

He pointed out that if you do not know the answer, admit it straightaway.

Points to ponder


Keep all your certificates (educational qualification and experience) that prove your credentials neatly in a file.


It is very vital, dress appropriately for an interview. Recommended wardrobe is formal wear. A neat hair style, clean nails and polished shoes are must.

Arrive early

Reach the venue 10-15 minutes early as it would help you to settle down comfortably before the interview.


Erase nervousness from your mind and consider interview as yet another casual interaction.

Be attentive

Once you enter the interview room, be attentive and wait for the question.

Body language

Skilled interviewers can access your body language very quickly and can judge whether you are fit for the available vacancy. Use your natural body language; never try to impress the employer through your gestures.

Stress interview: The real test

Answering to a question, Dr. Warrier said a stress interview evaluates the ability of a candidate when he/she is deliberately put under severe tension. “For instance, a marketing professional may have to face offensive behaviour from a rude client. The professional should not misbehave even under such adverse circumstances,” he added.


Around 22 colleges across the Kerala attended the session.

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