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Flipped Classroom 9th May, 2013

Dr. Jey Veerasamy

Dr. Jey Veerasamy, University of Texas at Dallas, led the weekly discussion on 9th May 2013 with his talk on “Flipped Classroom”.

Online Degrees

Online learning is generally the method of learning via computers. In online degree awarding institutions, the teaching is done via typically asynchronous methods. The Assignments and tests are also taken online. Students usually have the flexibility of scheduling their work around the week.

However, top tier institutions have not yet jumped into the bandwagon of awarding online degrees yet. However, there are many MOOCs offered by such institutions. The main concern with online learning is that students should be mature enough to take the classes and work on assignments and tests with great time discipline. This mode of learning is very popular among working professionals – especially in the defence sector. Some purists question this method of learning and teaching claiming that the information is very one way. Students do not interact much during online classes.

Dr. Jey Veerasamy

The big questions that rise in the wake of online learning is whether the professors are ready for online courses and if the students are ready for this mode of pedagogy.

Quality factors of online lectures

The deciding quality factors of online courses are multimedia lectures and online discussions. It so happens in online classes that the instructor uploads PowerPoint presentations and expects the students to learn from them. However, this is not recommended. A good online course should have video lectures from the instructor.

Flipped Classroom

A flipped classroom is one where the students listen to lectures at home and do problems in class. Using this model of instruction, faculty members can focus a lot on problem solving skills of students. Dr. Veerasamy awards 20% of grade for discussions in online courses and 10% grades for discussions in on-ground courses. This method of instruction is very useful in programming courses.

However, you cannot put all classes in flipped classroom model. This would demand a lot of effort from students at home and might overload them.