Aview - Video Conferencing Tool

A-VIEW workshop at National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam

7th April, 2017

Workshop - Day 1

On Day 1, a brief introduction on A-VIEW features, milestones and achievements were given by the AVIEW team. The A-VIEW team trained Prof. J. S. Patil, the Vice Chancellor of NLUJAA and Prof. Yugal Kishore, Registrar of NLUJAA and 20 other faculty members of NLUJAA. A brief demo on A-VIEW Features and hands-on practice on A-VIEW to the participants were performed.

Given below are some of the photos taken during the Day 1 of the Workshop.

Prof. J. S. Patil, Vice Chancellor, NLUJA Assam addressing the gathering:

Prof. J. S. Patil, Vice Chancellor, NLUJA Assam addressing the gathering

Mr. Sibi Bhaskaran giving A-VIEW Overview to the NLUJA participants in workshop

Mr. Sibi Bhaskaran giving Hands on experience by showing 3D Model, Whiteboard, etc... to the participants

Workshop - Day 2

On Day 2, there were 20 other participants for getting the hands- on experience on A-VIEW. Vice Chancellor, Prof. J. S Patil started with the introduction about A-VIEW, continued by the hands-on

training by Mr. Sibi Bhaskaran and team.Some of the snaps taken on Day 2 are given below:

Vice Chancellor Prof. J.S. Patil giving introduction about A-VIEW