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Programming contest Problems for everyone 30 January, 2013

Dr. Jeyakesavan Veerasamy

Dr. Jeyakesavan Veerasamy, Director of CS UT Design Program & Teaching Faculty, Department of Computer Science, Erik Jonsson School, UT Dallas led the weekly discussion on 30th January 2013 with his talk on ” Programming contest Problems for everyone” via A-VIEW.

Programming contests sites

There are two major programming contests sites internationally:

a) ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Information: icpc.baylor.edu

b) ACM Programming Competitions training site: uva.onlinejudge.org

ACM-ICPC is the primary training site with thousands of problems that people can practice. It has got College level, regional level and international Competition. The next International competition is at St.Petersburg, Russia in July 2013.

UTD has a team called Code Burners trained by Senior Faculty Dr. Ivor Page. UTD also offer programming competition scholarships for talented students.

While the above two sites are for college students, IOI/USACO (www.usaco.org) are for high school students. They run online programming competitions 6 times a year. The other online competition sites are:


More such sites can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Programming_contests

USACO Competitions

  • Every student competes individually
  • Uses input and output files (no standard input or output)
  • Upload and submit the source file for assessment
  • Typically 10 test cases
  • For each case, result can be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or ‘Time Over’.
  • Need to get OK for all test cases
  • Helps you pointing out invalid output and showing the correct output

ICPC Competitions

  • Team based (each team has 3 college students)
  • Uses input and output files (no standard input or output)
  • Varying # of test cases
  • Upload and submit the source file for judging
  • 3indications: Success, Wrong Answer or Time Exceeded
  • No information on test input/ output provided for wrong answers

Further Dr. Jey explained and solved some programming contest problems for the benefit of participants