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Realities of the Corporate World 22 January, 2013

Mr. Rajendra Menon

Mr. Rajendra Menon, Co-Founder, President & Head APAC, Qutesys, led the discussion on Online Gurukul on 22nd January 2013 with his talk on " Realities of the Corporate World. He gave an inspirational overview of what university graduates will face when moving into their first job. The knowledge he shared were based on his 40 years of experience in the corporate world.

When looking for a job

You should:

  • Identify organizations you want to join
  • Prepare well for interviews
  • Make sure you clarify what exactly the “in-pocket” salary will be
    • There can be hidden expenses or corporate reductions to the salary offered

Corporates looks for:

  • Qualification
  • Subject knowledge
  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Willingness to learn
  • Right fit

Differences between student life and corporate life

Student Life Corporate Life
Students live their timings, bunk classes, skip lessons and still make their grades with some strategy One is expected to be on time, attend meetings
Assignments & mid-semesters, work in your own pace Decision making out of team based working.
Student-life is mostly care-free Constant pressure to deliver and meet deadlines

Reality in a corporate environment


Projects assigned to you might not be to your liking, but you will need to find a way to like your project as you will need to perform.


You need to find out how the appraisal/promotion system works and how to handle expectations and perform. Team work is important.

Career path

Get to know how it works in the organization you have joined. Think early about how you want to progress in the organization so you know which goals you need to achieve to be able to go to the next level.

Where you come from does not matter once you joined, you will be measured by how you perform on the job. It will not matter which college you come from or which family you are born of, performance is the only thing that will count.

Things you will need to learn dealing with

During your corporate life you will face issues and you will need to learn to deal with them, some frequent examples are:

  • Conflicts between you and team members as well as you and your manager
  • Misunderstandings between you and team members as well as you and your manager
  • Failures Feedback (negative feedback for your actions)


Success is defined differently for different people. You need to identify what is YOUR goal, your satisfaction. You also need to find the correct work-life balance.

Things you need to do at work

  • Be entrepreneur / Interpreneur
    • Much easier today
    • Less start money needed today
    • The idea counts!
  • Keep learning while working; Gain experience and grow
  • Take ownership of your job and excel
  • Share information with others, this will come back to you positively as people will share their information with you
  • Be creative and innovative
    • Speak out if you have an idea to change processes in your job
    • Don’t think your idea might sound silly
  • Do not hurry for titles
    • See how you can learn from the job
    • You need to grow first to fit the big shoes of a new title/job
      • It is very bad to fail directly after you have been promoted
      • "In a hierarchically structured administration, people tend to be promoted up to their level of incompetence” (Dr. Laurence J. Peter)
  • Stay out of comparisons, you are unique
  • Take initiative to solve problems; Take responsibility
  • Avoid job hops and grow with the company
    • 3-4 years in a company minimum

Things to Rember

  • More than knowledge, what you do with your knowledge is important
  • You can accomplish more if you don’t worry about the credit
    • Focus on the quality of what you do
  • Life is 10% event and 90% reaction – respond NOT react
  • The power is in giving; Make a living by what we get, make a life by what we give