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Utilize e-resources in INFLIBNET 01 February, 2012

INFLIBNET is working on Shibboleth – an open source software

Utilize e-resources in INFLIBNET

Dr. Jagdish Arora, Director, INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network) Centre was the chief guest in the National Weekly Discussions through A-VIEW envisaged by MHRD under NME-ICT mission on February 1, 2012. The topic of the session was INFLIBNET services, activities and new initiatives.

Using Amrita University’s e-learning platform A-VIEW, Dr. Jagdish seating at his Gujarat office interacted with various Universities across the country. “UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium provides access to electronic resources to more than 200 universities. N-LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) provides access to more than 3, 000 electronic journals and 80, 000 electronic books to 12, 000 colleges.”


The objective of INFLIBNET, established in 1991 as a UGC’s project, is to modernize university libraries and connect them as well as information centers through high speed data network. It is an autonomous Inter-University Centre of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India. To know more about the project, kindly visit - www.inflibnet.ac.in

While speaking about INFLIBNET, Dr. Jagdish urged all the Universities in the country to utilize e-resources to enhance the standard of education. “The Shodhganga is a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses. The repository has the ability to capture, index, store, disseminate and preserve ETDs submitted by the researchers,” he said.

Benefits to Universities

By signing MOU with INFLIBNET, Universities will get;

  • Funds for digitization of old Ph.D. theses
  • Funds for setting up and ETD laboratory
  • Access to anti-plagiarism package like Turn-it-in / e-Phorus

Answering to a question, Dr. Jagdish said Universities can access the available content by using the IPs allocated to them by the BSNL. However, resources are not available when faculty / students are travelling or access it from home.

He pointed out SOUL & DSpace developed by INFLIBNET has two different purposes. SOUL is meant for library information while DSpace is institutional repository.

Around 24 Universities including Central University of Punjab, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University, Barkatullah University, Chitkara University, Gujarat Ayurved University and Indian School of Mines Dhanbad attended the session.

A-VIEW is an E-Learning platform, developed by Amrita University's E-Learning Research Lab, which is a state-of-the-art software for distance education and collaboration. It is available for free to all the educational institutes across India, and can be downloaded from the website address, www.aview.in or by sending an email to aview@amrita.edu.