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Weekly Interaction through A-VIEW Kicks off! 16-August-2011

The weekly interaction through A-VIEW, as envisaged by MHRD as part of NME-ICT mission has kicked off wonderfully. More than 25 universities from faraway places, across India, participated in this interactive session which was spearheaded by Prof. Mangala Sunder, from Chemical Engineering department at IIT_Madras, on August 24, 2011. On the occasion Prof. Sunder opined that collaborative teaching method holds the key as it helps to open new avenues in education. "Though NME-ICT mission, we can provide variety courses to wider spectrum of students free of cost. All educational institutions should use this benefit to create talented next generation students", he added. Currently, Prof. Sunder is the national coordinator for NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) which provides E-Learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering Science and humanities streams, with the mission of enhancing the quality of education by provided free online courseware.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) Additional Secretary Shri. N K Sinha has urged all universities across the nation to use A-VIEW for exploring new horizons in higher education sector at least once a week. On August 16, 2011 Shri. N K Sinha initiated the event "Weekly discussion through A-VIEW" and interacted with the officials from over 50 universities from different parts of the country using A-VIEW.

During the event Shri Sinha, talking from his office in Delhi, said that in future, seminars and conferences can be conducted using A-VIEW. "Expert professors as well as eminent scholars can participate in this weekly interaction and educate everyone", he added. In the beginning, the weekly interactions will last for about 1 hour; the guest speaker will be invited to give a talk addressing all the national universities.

Prof. Kamal Bijlani, Director, Amrita E-Learning Research Lab welcomed the gathering and highlighted that on the occasion of India's independence day celebration, A-VIEW is made available to all the higher education institutes free of charge, across India.

Prof. Kannan Moudgalaya, from Chemical Engineering department of IIT-Bombay, explained briefly about "Talk to a Teacher" and "Ask a Question" programmes. He also shared the vision of all educational institutes using the free and open source software (FOSS) which will result in huge savings for India, and introduced the concept of "Spoken Tutorials", another initiative under Talk to a Teacher project initiated by NME ICT (National Mission on Education through Information Communication through Technology.

The national address was followed by interactive questions and answers session, where various Head of the institutions, cleared their doubts which were answered by the participating guests speakers.

The successful inaugural session of the weekly program concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. Venkat Rangan, Vice Chancellor of Amrita University, from his office located at University headquarters in Ettimadai, Tamil Nadu. He shared the vision of Chancellor Amma, that "the same ICT, which has snatched away lots of qualified teachers, those who have moved from Academics to Industry, will provide solution to the problem resulting from the shortage of such experts". Now we have a wonderful ICT tool, A-VIEW, which is very effective in bridging the gap between the teachers and students, where distance is no longer a barrier.

A-VIEW is a E-Learning platform, developed by Amrita University's E-Learning Research Lab, which is state-of-the-art software for distance education and collaboration. Its available for free to all the educational institutes across India, and can be downloaded from website address, www.AVIEW.in (or send an email to aview@amrita.edu)