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You Don’t Need a Godfather 7 March, 2013

Elango, Chief Human Resources Officer at MphasiS lead the Weekly Discussion on 7th March 2013 based on his book “You Don’t Need a Godfather”.

Elango started off with a question, “What do you think is the most important part of success? Parents/ Luck (Karma)/ Professors /Yourself/ College you study in”

Most people answered the question rightly as “yourself”.

He gave a snapshot of three chapters of his book, “I hate Ireland”, “Slit Chilies on the Rocks” and “Gone in 60 seconds!”

“I hate Ireland”

Elango took his 7 year old son to an India – Ireland World Cup Cricket Match at Bangalore. In the first innings, Indian Bowlers restricted Ireland to a manageable total. However, in the second innings, Irish bowlers gave a tough time to the Indian Top Order. At this point, his son was very disappointed. Elango tried to console the child, but the child reacted, “Appa! I hate Ireland!”

To the kid, it did not matter that India was not playing well or that Ireland was playing a great game. He just saw Ireland as the barrier before his team’s victory. Similarly, adults too have a lot of “Irelands” that stand in front of their success. We have to identify opportunities and work on controllable factors. Opportunities never come to us. We have to go look for them.

Bandhu Jay Prakash, an employee at MphasiS served as a great example to this fact. He grew up in a remote village in Remote Andhra Pradesh. However, as a child, he used to walk over 15 kms daily to learn English. Bandhu was good at work. However, he never got opportunities to go onsite, probably due to his heavily accented English. But, later he got a chance to go onsite in a low profile role. He took this opportunity to work his way up the ladder.

Slit Chilies on the Rocks

Life mostly happens to us. We are given good opportunities to study, we are given great jobs and we are given good promotions. However, Elango tells us that we are not just receivers; we are transmitters.

He says one should design his own brand. For instance, what do people experience when they interact with you and how do you do it consistently? This is something you should think about quite seriously. One major aspect of working on this is to take yourself lightly.

Gone in 60 seconds!

You have about 60 seconds to get attention of people and to make an impression on them. It is essential to keep your interactions with people simple, crisp and action oriented. At the end, summarize your meeting with them.

Overall the talk lets us curious about the book “You don’t need a Godfather.” You can order your copy on Flipkart here.