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A-VIEW Classroom

A-VIEW Classroom is a framework that provides a rich interactive social environment for E-Learning. It is simple, user friendly video conferencing software, which provides a great opportunity to a teacher to teach in a live interactive mode to various geographical locations across India.

A-VIEW Classroom provides opportunity to connect several universities together and creates virtual world for students. It also acts as a Knowledge Cafe where students can discuss /chat about the lecture after the live class.

Features of A-VIEW Classroom

A-VIEW on Android platform

A-VIEW now works on Aakash, other Android phones and tablets.

Multi User Interaction

While audio only interaction with multiple users was possible before, video interaction was limited to the presenter and one viewer. With A-VIEW 3.5 up to 8 viewers can now video interact with the presenter.

Powerpoint animations

A-VIEW now supports Powerpoint animations.

Private chat

A-VIEW enables users to have a private chat with Presenter or Moderator. Chat can be initiated by either Presenter, Moderator or Viewer.

Exit Classroom and Logout

Users can change the class room without exiting A-VIEW. They can also logout and log back into A-VIEW with a different username.

Recording & Playback

Lot of improvements have been made to recording and playback. It is smoother and more stable now.

2D- viewer

2D-viewer is a platform which enables the presenter to upload 2D animations and give interactive sessions to the students in real time. The demonstrations using 2D animations will help the students to understand the concepts and practical aspects better.

3D- viewer

This feature enables the presenter to load 3D objects(f3d & dae format) in the application. Presenter has the overall control over the collaboration of objects & viewers can control the object locally i.e it won't be reflected for other users.

Video sharing

There are times where the Presenter of a class may require to share a video to all the participants. This new feature allows the presenter to share videos among all the users who are connected to the class. This can be done either by uploading a video (mp4/ flv/f4v format) or by sharing a youtube link.

Face recognition

This feature introduces a new level of security to the application. The user will have to first register his face through the application and during login he can authenticate his login id through the face recognition process.


The feature enables the moderator to conduct a live quiz with all connected users. The results of all the participants can be viewed by the moderator at ‘userwise’ , ‘question’ or ‘question paper’ level. Besides each viewer can see his own result.


The presenter can use this feature to ask a question (one at a time) to all the connected users. This feature is used to get the feedback of the participants regarding any aspect during a live class.

Question interface

This feature allows the users to post questions to the presenter during a live class. Also each user can vote for a question raised by any other user. The presenter can prioritize the questions posted by various users based on the number of votes it has received and then answer them.

Application sharing

This is an enhancement to the existing desktop sharing feature available in AVC 2.0. Using this feature the presenter can share any applications in his system.

Multibitrate streaming in High Definition & Low Latency

AVC 2.0 has multibitrate streaming option only for ‘Low Bandwidth’ codec. The latest version of A-view supports multibitrate streaming for ‘High Definition’ & ‘Low Latency’ codecs as well. This will enable the viewer to choose from a choice of low , medium or high bitrate stream of the presenter based on the bandwidth available to them.

Record & Playback

Record and playback has new enhanced features in the latest version of A-view. This includes recording without audio-video, audio only recording , recording of chat & recording of presenter & selected viewers audio-video. Besides there will be only one recording for a given lecture , i.e each session recording of a lecture will get appended to the previous one.

Video Editing

This feature enables the moderator to edit the video of a recorded lecture. The moderator can cut off unwanted video sections from a recording or embed new videos to the existing lecture recording.

Document sharing

Document sharing has enhanced features like thumbnails for documents, annotation tools , document download option for viewers , central repository , document unload option and supports upload of animated ppts. Besides improvement has been done in the document download process which makes the feature more scalable than before.


The Audio quality in A-VIEW 3.0 has imporved remarkably. Audio alone option is available in the latest version , i.e. the the user can transmit his audio alone without starting his video. This is helpful in low bandwidth conditions or if there are any issues with the starting the video. Other enhancement includes selected viewer being able to see his video , option to maximize viewer’s video and a signal strength meter on video panel.


The new features in whiteboard includes hide/unhide whiteboard option for presenter , text tool and eraser size selection option. Besides all the drawings made by the presenter will be visible for a late coming viewer.

User list

In the latest version the user list has ‘release all handraises’ option , user selection and search user option for the presenter.


There are few enhancements in the Usability/UI of A-view. In the latest version , ‘push to talk’ feature can be activated and controlled only by moderator/ presenter. The audio-video control buttons (accept viewer ,view video ,make presenter, etc ) will be displayed based on the state of the user selected from the user list. Also the presenter is allowed to release himself and become a viewer in this version. The UI has been improved by modifying various ui components and a uniform look and feel is brought throughout the application.


All users can increase the size of chat text & moderator can delete all chat messages in the latest version of the application.

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