Aview - Video Conferencing Tool

A-VIEW 5.0

We are happy to announce that the latest release of our multi-modal, multi-platform E-Learning software A-VIEW 5.0 for public from Jan 11th, 2017.

​We are happy to announce the latest release (5.0) of our large-scale live e-learning platform A-VIEW. Based on the feedback of our users, we have added several new features. We have also incorporated numerous enhancement requests from our users. You will get automatically updated to A-VIEW 5.0 version while running A-VIEW software next time, alternatively you may download it from www.aview.in/login using existing login credentials to download the latest release.
A-VIEW 5.0 Features and Enhancements
  • Client Side MP4 Recording

    Record all the events and media content generated during a A-VIEW session which can be played back without logging into A-VIEW again. If Client MP4 recording is enabled, A-VIEW will save all session events (Video, Slides, Chat, Audio, Whiteboard , etc ) as video recording in the user's computer. The recording can be saved in video qualities compatible with various devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, TV ) in mp4 format.
  • Self Recording

    Video lecture creation mode in A-VIEW was designed specifically to meet the distance learning demands. The presenter can create a recording using the A-VIEW features such as Video, Document Sharing, Whiteboard, etc. The recording can be saved in video qualities compatible with various devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, TV ) in mp4 format.
  • Echo testing

    Any user can use this feature to set his audio-video parameters in such a way that it does not cause echo during a live session. This test can be performed either or during a live session or before a session starts.
  • Document sharing

    Presenter can upload multiple documents at the same time. Also they can see the status of document upload (Not Started, Processing, Failed & Success) by clicking on the document upload status button.
  • Improved User Interface

    UI changes upon requests from users which includes, auto hiding of top panel upon class entry, different layouts for regular and self recording sessions, changes in whiteboard UI , chat and question panels , etc.
  • FOSS (Free open source software )

    A-VIEW is now completely open for any user to develop and deploy. Any institution can setup their own free local A-VIEW deployment using Red5 Media server.
  • Multicast Support

    A-VIEW is now supported in satellite network. A-VIEW can be used as an simple and reliable solution in areas where internet connectivity is less.