Aview - Video Conferencing Tool

Common Questions About A-VIEW

Getting Started

  • How do I get A-VIEW software to attend classes and events?

    By the registration process through www.aview.in, please download A-VIEW. After registration, A-VIEW can be accessed through desktop as well as from web for participating in classes and events.

  • What is the software/hardware requirements needed for A-VIEW?

    A-VIEW is designed to work on regular internet with standard hardware like desktop computer and accessories like headset, speakers, camera etc. Click here for detailed information about hardware, software, network and bandwidth requirements for A-VIEW installation.

  • How do I conduct A-VIEW classes through A-VIEW?

    Please send the request to aview@amrita.edu regarding conducting classes. A-VIEW Deployment team will assist you in setting up your initial Institute Admin setup. No dependency of A-VIEW is required after this initial setup; users can directly schedule their events.

    A-VIEW Meeting (available in latest version 3.7) feature can also be used to conduct sessions without depending on A-VIEW team.

  • What to do if the internet connectivity is not very strong and if we don’t have enough bandwidth?

    A-VIEW is designed to tackle the unstable or low bandwidth from the internet that is often found in India, especially in rural or remote areas. A-VIEW users can adapt to the bandwidth speed and have automatic reconnection in case there is a network link issue.

    Users can

    • Publish the video in either single or multi bit rates
    • Choose the publishing rate based on the network capacity
    • Can choose Audio only mode in low bandwidth conditions


  • Is there a training program for A-VIEW?

    Yes. Online and Onsite training programs are available. Please register through A-VIEW website for online trainings. For Onsite trainings please send an email to aview@amrita.edu.

  • Is there training for A-VIEW Admin?

    Yes. There is a training program for A-VIEW Admin. Please register through A-VIEW website.


  • What is a National Server? Mention the advantages of having a national server?

    A National server acts as a central server, where institutes can schedule classes, courses, lectures and student login setups. It is fastest and reliable. National connectivity is the highlight of the national server.


    • Usage data can be accessed from one common place
    • Optimization of hardware and bandwidth resources
    • Less support time and reduces the cost related to server side.
  • How do I get A-VIEW server license?

    Upon request, A-VIEW team will provide the web application interface and login credentials to generate license.

  • Can I use my institute’s servers to run A-VIEW?

    Yes. You can set up your own servers for video streaming and for storing the recorded files (Content server).