Aview - Video Conferencing Tool


The "Train the Trainers" program, conducted through A-VIEW, which helps in improving the teaching standards in India, is very effective.
Mr. S. Ramadorai TCS vice chairman
I wish to convey my thanks to the A-VIEW team. A-VIEW has revolutionized education around the country by making education easily available to people from all walks of life in City, Urban and Rural areas.
Ms. Vibha Puri Das Secretary for higher Education
Many thanks to the Amrita A-VIEW team because without your support we couldn't get this achievement of teaching more than 10000 teachers over 260 nodal centers. This also successfully proved that A-VIEW is scalable. We really enjoyed working with you and we expect this in future too
Dr. Deepak Phatak Subrao M. Nilekani Chair Professor, Department of CSE, IIT Bombay
It was a great experience for me to use A-VIEW. The efficacy of A-VIEW is evident and we plan to use it more regularly.
Dr. Ranjan Bose Microsoft Chair Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi
This is my first attempt on A-VIEW and I find it very useful.
Dr. C. S. Kumar IIT Kharaghpur
A-VIEW is not only a conferencing platform, but a distributed classroom environment. We do not see any reason to use international conferencing tools.
Dr. Jayashree Shinde Dept. of Educational Technology, SNDT Women's University, Member Standing Committee, NME-ICT
A-VIEW creates an alternative for those who cannot access good teachers, good colleges, good facilities, but want to learn more than what is taught to them. A-VIEW offers an excellent alternative to face-to-face teaching. It will not replace it, but it is the best alternative that we have.
Dr Mukta Atrey Project Manager, Project Ekalavya under NME-ICT, IIT Bombay
At the Outset congratulations on successfully organizing the ICTEE 2012 conference! Our Team had participated in A-VIEW workshop and found the tool immensely useful.
Dr. Sandhya Kode IIIT Hyderabad
Let me thank the entire A-VIEW team for the extreme help and support during the initial trial period of A-VIEW at IIT Kharagpur. We are very impressed by the software.
Dr. Anup K. Ray IIT Kharagpur
I am delighted to use A-VIEW software for live streaming of our VI International Conference on Dharma and Ethics with the theme Tradition, Religion and Law
Prof. J.S. Patil Vice Chancellor - Karnataka State Law University
I once again congratulate Amrita and IIT Bombay for training 10,000 Teachers nationally in one workshop using A-VIEW, institutes should collaborate like this with a national effort to make India the nation that it deserves to be.
Mr. Kapil Sibal Former Union Minister for Human Resource Development
I am impressed with the Renewable Energy Talk held at IIT Bombay and congratulations to the A-VIEW team for coordinating the address.
Dr. Farooq Abdullah Union Minister of New & Renewable Energy
Our university is located at Sardarshahr, a small town in Churu District in Rajasthan. It is a far flung desert area. Today we tried the very useful software A-VIEW. We wish to convey our thanks for the help and guidance from you.
Prof. M. L. Bhatt Vice Chancellor - Institute of Advanced Studies in Education University
IIRS expresses sincere gratitude to E-Learning Research Lab, Amrita University for continuous support for about an year in enabling successful conduct of Distance Learning Programs. We have been able to train 910 participants through A-VIEW software.
Mr. P. L. Raju IIRS Dehradun
Our country will remain permanently indebted to Amrita University & A-View Team for untiring efforts in making A-View such a wonderful experience.
Vinay Pandya M. S. University of Baroda
A-VIEW has provided us a rich interactive environment for E-learning. It had provided seamless connection among different colleges spread all over the country and the teacher at IITB. In fact, it was virtually a classroom with each remote centre functioning as a student entity. This facilitated each remote centre to follow the chat session with every other remote centre, thus providing a virtual class room spread over the entire country. Really thankful to have obtained the software.
Dr. R. I. K. Moorthy MES`s Pillai`s Institute of Information Technology, New Panvel
Live conference was also held with other users through IIT Bombay server with excellent audio and video streaming.
Mr. Sunil Kumar Dy Registrar, Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
A-VIEW is really nice software for e-learning. I think every institute should have this software.
Shri. Sandesh S Dhawale S.S.P.M's College of Engineering
The software is very good.
Shri. Pradeep Sadanand Vernekar BMS College of Engg
Excellent effort. Many thanks to IIT Bombay and MHRD.
Shri.Mayur Patil S D M College of Engg & Tech
This software is really live and useful for the distance learning.
Shri. Pratibha S . Yalagi Walchand IIT
This is really a good attempt, very useful session for our team.
Shri. R . Ramya Adhi College of Engg & Tech
A-VIEW is very user friendly.
Shri.Chandrakumar Peter Periyar Maniammai University
The workshop is very useful and interactive. Keep conducting the same.
Shri. B. Padmavathi G H Raisoni College of Engineering and Management
Simply excellent.
Miracle Education Society VIIT
Really it is a great effort and enjoyed the A-VIEW classroom. I believe A-VIEW greatly helps to achieve this mission of empowering the teachers through IIT B courses. I sincerely thank and appreciate the Amrita Team.
Shri.Narayanasamy Ponnusamy J J College of Engineering and Technology
The software is very good and much more advanced than my expectation.
Shri. Mariam Merchant KITCOEK
Software is excellent.
Shri.Yogita Borse KJS
The software is good. Thanks for valuable workshop.
Shri. Pragati Mahesh Kurane Walchand college of Engineering
Software is too good user friendly.
Shri.Pramila Kailas Ahire Wadibhikar Polytechnic College
Congrats for a good team work by IIT-B and Amrita.
Shri. E. Ben George Periyar Maniammai University