Aview - Video Conferencing Tool

A-VIEW Ecosystem: Educational Tools

Details on A-VIEW Educational Tools are available as PDF, Video and Brochure below

The A-VIEW educational tools can be utilized in your institution’s network (LAN), on internet (cloud) and satellite networks.

All these tools are free, open and mobile-enabled.

A-VIEW Tools within your institution (No internet)

In your institution, without internet, you can use A-VIEW Digital Classroom software to display digital content and run quizzes on mobile with instant results.

You can teach multiple classes on the LAN. A-VIEW Exam and Invigilation software can be used to setup, conduct, and monitor exams at your institution.

A-VIEW Tools on Internet (Cloud)

On the internet (cloud), A-VIEW enables massive virtual classrooms with a unique interaction architecture: two-way audio-video, question voting, hand-raise, etc.

You can conduct meetings and interactive webinars. A-VIEW Online Exam enables you to conduct massive online exams with tens of thousands of simultaneous test-takers.

A-VIEW Tools on Satellite

On the satellite network, you can conduct interactive classes for remote areas (e.g. North-East India).

Using A-VIEW DTH, classes can be received live on TV channels, and students can use mobile device for interacting with teacher.