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CUET PG Syllabus 2023: As in the year 2023, students who are planning to take the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) must have already started preparing for the exam. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released the CUET PG Syllabus 2023 for the candidates to follow. The exam was previously known as the Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET). The date for the CUET PG exams has been announced and is scheduled to be held from 1st June to 10th June 2023.

It is crucial for students to start preparing for the CUET PG Entrance Exam without wasting any time. The CUET Syllabus 2023 outlines the subjects and units that the students need to prepare for the entrance exam. By familiarizing themselves with the syllabus, and CUET PG Previous Papers, students can plan an effective preparation strategy.

CUET PG Syllabus 2023

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has decided to conduct the Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET) online in 2023. The exam will be conducted in 13 languages including English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and Punjabi. Unlike previous years, the exam will be computer-based instead of offline mode. Before starting your preparation, it is important to have an overview of the CUET Exam 2023 and the marking scheme. The marking scheme is discussed in detail in the table below.

CUET PG Syllabus 2023 Overview

CUET PG Exam Question Papers
Full Exam Name Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET)
Conducting Body National Testing Agency (NTA)
Exam Name CUET PG 2023
Exam Level University Level
Official website &
Category Syllabus

CUET PG Syllabus

CUET PG Exam Pattern 2023

  • The CUET PG 2023 question paper comprises 100 Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Candidates are allotted a time limit of 2 hours (120 minutes) to complete the exam.
  • Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks, while 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.
  • Unanswered or blank questions will not be awarded or deducted any marks.
  • The code-wise CUET PG 2023 Exam Pattern is discussed below for better understanding.
CUET PG Exam Pattern 2023
Paper Codes Question Pattern
PGQP01 Part A: 25 Questions consisting of Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability

Part B: 75 Domain Knowledge Questions comprising of Teaching Aptitude, Social Sciences, Mathematics & Science)

PGQP02 to PGQP07
PGQP09 to PGQP37
PGQP41 to PGQP59
PGQP61 to PGQ73
PGQP75 to PGQ77
Part A: 25 Questions consisting of Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability, General Awareness, Mathematical/ Quantitative ability, and Analytical Skills.

Part B: 75 Domain Knowledge Questions

Part A: 25 Questions (Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability, General Knowledge, and Mathematical/ Quantitative ability )

Part B: 75 Questions Domain knowledge e.g. Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering etc.

PGQP60 Part A: 25 Questions (General Knowledge/ Awareness, Mathematical Ability and Logical Reasoning)

Part B: 75 Questions of the specific language.

PG-QP-01 to 37, 39 and 41 to 58 Part-A: 25 Questions (English, General Knowledge and Numerical Ability)

Part-B: 75 Questions (Respective Subject)

PG-QP-38 100 Questions (Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability, Mathematical/ Quantitative ability, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning)
PG-QP-40 100 Questions (Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability, General Knowledge/ Awareness, Computer Basics and Logical Reasoning)

CUET PG Subject-Wise Syllabus 2023 Download PDF Links

Title Course Code
Acharya – Vyakarana, Prachin Vyakarana, Navya Vyakarana and Shabdabodha System  PGQP65
Acharya (Jyotish, Siddhant Jyotish, Phalit Jyotish)  PGQP73
Acharya (Vastu, Paurohitya & Dharmashastra)  PGQP49
Acharya in Bauddha Darshan PGQP74 (viii)
Acharya in Jain Darshan  PGQP74 (ix)
Acharya  PGQP48
Acharya- Veda, Shukla Yajurveda-Bhashya, Krishna-Yajurveda-Bhashya, Samaveda and Atharvaveda-Bhashya  (PGQP63)
Agama Agamtatra  (PGQP70)
Agribusiness Management PGQP08
Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation)  PGQP78 (vi)
Agriculture Science  PGQP78 (iv)
Agroforestry  PGQP78 (v)
Ancient Indian History Culture & Arch. PGQP78 (i)
Anthropology  PGQP77
Applied Arts  PGQP74 (iv)
Applied Geography & Geoinformatic  (PGQP18)
Applied Microbiology  PGQP78(xvi)
ARABIC  (PGQP60(xxviii)
Architecture (PGQP21)
Assamese  (PGQP60) (vi)
B.Ed. (PGQP01)
B.Ed. & B.Ed. Special Education Language  PGQP74 (xv)
B.Ed. & B.Ed. Special Education Social Science  PGQP74(xiv)
B.Ed. and B.Ed. Special Education Mathematics PGQP74 (xii)
B.Ed. and B.Ed. Special Education Science  PGQP74 (xiii)
B.Ed. and B.Ed. Special Education Social Science and Humanities
B.Ed.(Shiksha Shastri)  (PGQP09)
Bengali  PGQP60(vii)
Bhutia  (PGQP60) (xii)
Bio-Informatics (for females only)  PGQP08 (x)
Biochemistry  PGQP74 (xi)
Botany  PGQP76
Chemical and Polymer Engineering/Thermal Engineering  (PGQP56)
Chemistry (PGQP25)
CHINESE  (PGQP60) (xi)
Civil Engineering  (PGQP08) (v)
Commerce  (PGQP37)
Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security etc. (PGQP54)
Development and Labour Studies  (PGQP79)
Dharm Vijnan  (PGQP71)
Dharmashastra  (PGQP74) (vii)
Disaster Studies  (PGQP61)
Economics  (PGQP44)
Education Shiksha – Shastri  (PGQP09)
Electronics & Communication  PGQP52
Embeded and Real Time System  (PGQP53)
Energy Engineering and Technology  (PGQP45)
English Language and Literature  (PGQP05)
Enviromental Science  (PGQP32)
Fine Arts  (PGQP39)
Food Engineering & Technology  PGQP08(iv)
Food Science and Technology  (PGQP31)
Food Technology  PGQP08 (xiii)
Forensic Science and Criminology  (PGQP16)
French  PGQP60(xvi)
Garo  PGQP60(xxii)
General Paper PGQP38 (Bilingual)
General Paper  PGQP40(Bilingual)
Geography  (PGQP17)
Geology  (PGQP19)
Geophysics  PGQP08 (ix)
German  PGQP60(xxx)
Gujarati  PGQP60
Hindi  PGQP06
Hindu Studies  (PGQP67)
Hispanic Language and Literature (Spanish)  (PGQP60) (xix)
History and Archaeology  (PGQP11)
History of Art  PGQP78 (ii)
Home Science  PGQP78 (xiv)
Horticulture, Forestry, Seed Science, Rural Technology, Agronomy, Plant Breeding, Genetics x (PGQP33)
Indian Knowledge System  PGQP69
Japanese Language and Literature  (PGQP60) (xvii)
Journalism and Mass Communication  (PGQP41)
Jyotish (Ganit)  (PGQP74) (ii)
Jyotish(Falit)  (PGQP74) (i)
Kannada  PGQP 60(iv)
Kashmiri  PGQP60 (xxxii)
Khasi PGQP60 (xxiii)
Kokborok  PGQP60(viii)
Korean  (PGQP60)(xxix)
Krishna Yajurveda  (PGQP78) (x)
Lepcha  (PGQP60) (xiii)
Library and Information Science  (PGQP59)
Life Sciences  (PGQP22)
Limbu  (PGQP60) (xiv)
Linguistics PGQOP23
M.A. Education (PGQP03)
M.Ed. Education  (PGQP04)
M.Ed. Shiksha – Acharya  (PGQP10)
M.Tech in Strutural Engineering  (PGQP08) (xvi)
Malayalam  PGQP60 (ix)
Material Science and Nanotechnology  (PGQP55)
Material Sciences and Technology  PGQP08 (xiii)
Mathematics (PGQP27)
MCA Computer Science and Information Technology  (PGQP26)
Mechanical Engineering (Specialization in Machine Design and Thermo Fluids)  PGQP08 (ii & iii)

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CUET PG Syllabus 2023 – FAQS

What is CUET PG Syllabus 2023?

CUET PG Syllabus 2023 is a comprehensive list of subjects and topics that candidates need to prepare for the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) for postgraduate courses.

Where can I find the CUET PG Syllabus 2023?

The CUET PG Syllabus 2023 can be found on the official website of the National Testing Agency (NTA) that conducts the exam. The syllabus will also be provided to the candidates during the application process.

What are the subjects included in CUET PG Syllabus 2023?

The CUET PG Syllabus 2023 includes various subjects like English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and specialized subjects related to the specific postgraduate course.

How to prepare for CUET PG 2023 based on the syllabus?

Candidates can prepare for CUET PG 2023 by going through the syllabus and creating a study plan accordingly. They can focus on important topics, practice the previous year’s question papers, and take mock tests to assess their preparation.

Is it necessary to follow the CUET PG Syllabus 2023?

Yes, it is essential to follow the CUET PG Syllabus 2023 as the exam is based on it. Candidates need to cover all the topics mentioned in the syllabus to increase their chances of scoring well in the exam.


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