iPhone 15 | Release Date, Estimated Price, Features and Latest Rumors


iPhone 15: Despite the popularity of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, both models are already a few months old. This has sparked discussions and rumors about what to expect from the upcoming iPhone 15. However, we’ll have to wait several more months for the official launch of the iPhone 15 models, as Apple typically announces new iPhones in the fall. This means there’s plenty of time for rumors to circulate and intensify in the coming months, as the anticipation for the new iPhone builds up. In the following article, we have provided the  Release Date, Estimated Price, and Features of the iPhone 15. Go through the full post to know all the details about iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 Release Date (Expected)

As per Apple’s tradition, the company releases a new iPhone model every year. Following the 2022 launch of the iPhone 14, it is expected that Apple will release the iPhone 15 this year, 2023, following the typical pattern. There are several models rumored to be part of the iPhone 15 lineup, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Max, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. While some have suggested alternative naming schemes, such as iPhone 15 Plus, there is no definitive information yet.

iPhone 15

Based on previous iPhone launch patterns, it is likely that the iPhone 15 will be released in the fall, in September 2023, according to an estimate by Lifewire. However, nothing is certain until Apple officially confirms the release date.

iPhone 15 Estimated Price Rumors

There are rumors that Apple may introduce a subscription service for the iPhone, which could change the pricing structure for the iPhone 15 when it is released in the same year.

  • iPhone 15: $799
  • iPhone 15 Plus: $999
  • iPhone 15 Pro: $1,099
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: $1,299

iPhone 15 Models

IPhone 15

The iPhone 15 series is expected to include four models: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, continuing Apple’s trend from previous releases. The standard iPhone 15 is rumored to have a 6.2-inch display, slightly larger than its predecessor’s 6.1-inch screen. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are expected to retain the same screen sizes as last year, with a 6.1-inch screen for the iPhone 15 Pro and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

However, there are rumors that the name for the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be changed to “Ultra” instead of “Pro Max,” similar to the naming convention of the Apple Watch Ultra. It remains to be seen whether these rumors will hold true or not.

iPhone 15 Features

  • The iPhone 15 may have headline new features despite the Dynamic Island update on the iPhone 14.
  • Apple is expected to launch a new processor, the A17 Bionic, which could be built on TSMC’s new 3nm process.
  • The new A17 Bionic may be used in all models of the iPhone 15, unlike the A16 Bionic that was only used in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.
  • The specific features of the new processor are currently unknown.

Sizes and design of iPhone 15


Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipating a drastic redesign of the iPhone might have to settle for only minor changes with the iPhone 15, as it could look quite similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 14. However, there is a rumor circulating from a leaker named ShrimpApplePro suggesting that the iPhone 15 Pro may have a slightly altered design, featuring thinner bezels and curved edges while keeping the display flat.

This rumor gained further traction in March, when ShrimpApplePro tweeted a brief video clip described as “the real-life video of the front glass panel of the iPhone 15 series,” reinforcing the possibility of thinner bezels.


Based on leaked information, the leftmost and middle panels are speculated to belong to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, respectively. These models are expected to have thinner bezels compared to the previous iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max versions. On the other hand, the rightmost panel, which has a slightly thicker bezel, is believed to be the display panel for the regular iPhone 15. Moreover, the leaked video revealed that all models of the iPhone 15 will feature the Dynamic Island design.


iPhone 15 Color Options

Apple fans may have the opportunity to purchase the iPhone 15 in new color options, such as dark pink and light blue. Apple is known for offering a range of vibrant color options for its standard iPhone models, and it seems that the company will continue this trend with the iPhone 15 lineup. In addition to the classic black, white, and PRODUCT(RED) color options, consumers can expect to see bright pink and blue shades as well.


Camera Updates Of iPhone 15

There have been rumors circulating about Apple’s plans to introduce a periscope zoom lens for the iPhone 15, but it appears that it will only be available on the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max model. The iPhone 15 Pro, on the other hand, will have a standard zoom lens, while the iPhone 15 will be limited to the Wide and Ultra Wide lenses.

A periscope lens functions by using an angled mirror to reflect light towards the camera’s image sensor, resulting in a “folded” telephoto lens system that improves optical zoom capabilities without the blurriness associated with digital zoom. This technology enables optical zoom capabilities beyond what is achievable with a standard telephoto lens, allowing for up to 5x or even 10x optical zoom. Apple’s primary competitor, Samsung, has already released smartphones that feature periscope lens technology that allows for 4x to 10x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo anticipates that Apple will incorporate 6x optical zoom technology when it adopts the periscope lens.

iPhone 15 mute switch

According to reports, the iPhone 15 Pro may come with a new type of mute button, replacing the physical mute switch. The new button is rumored to be a solid-state, pressing type button that would allow users to control notification volume by pressing it instead of flicking a switch. However, this new mute button would only apply to the iPhone 15 Pro models, and regular iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus models would still have the traditional mute switch toggle and separate volume buttons.

iPhone 15 mute switch


Recent reports suggest that the new iPhone 15 Pro mute button may not only be used for muting notifications but could also act as a multiuse Action Button similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. Although the default action could be set to toggle the mute setting, the button could be customized by the user for various purposes such as launching the camera app, toggling light/dark mode, taking a screenshot, activating Low Power Mode, and more. While this would allow for customization, one drawback could be that it would be less accessible for some users as they would no longer be able to tell from physical touch whether the phone is silent or not.

iPhone 15 processor and specs

According to reports, the upcoming iPhone 15 models are likely to feature different chips depending on the version of the device. The standard iPhone 15 is expected to come with the A16 chip, which is currently used in the iPhone 14 Pro. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max could come with a more powerful A17 chip, manufactured using TSMC’s 3nm process. This would make the A17 chip more energy-efficient and offer 15% more speed and power while saving 30% more power than the current 5nm chips.


Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro could get a boost in RAM from 6GB to 8GB, while the storage capacity of the iPhone 15 Pro may also increase from 1TB to 2 TB. However, the baseline storage for each device may depend on the features of the iPhone 15. Despite rumors of Apple developing its own in-house modem chips, the iPhone 15 is expected to continue using Qualcomm’s modem chips.

iPhone 15 Battery and USB-C

In an effort to reduce e-waste, new regulations in Europe require a common charger for all electronics, including the iPhone, with a deadline of 2024 for Apple to switch over to USB-C and eliminate the Lightning charger. However, Apple may opt to transition the iPhone 15 to USB-C a year early in 2023, which would bring it closer in line with the iPad and MacBook lineups that have been using USB-C for a while. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes that the iPhone 15 will switch to USB-C, as he stated in mid-November that his latest survey indicates that all new iPhones in the second half of 2023 will abandon Lightning and change to USB-C. The iPad 10th Gen (2022) already made the switch to USB-C last year, making it the last iPad model to use Apple’s proprietary Lightning charger.

iPhone 15 Battery and USB-C


iPhone 15 Ultra rumors

There are rumors circulating that Apple will be changing the name of their upcoming iPhone series from the “Pro Max” to the “iPhone 15 Ultra”. However, the name change is not the only thing that Apple may introduce with this new series.

Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Ultra may have a titanium frame instead of the current stainless steel one. This could increase the price of the phone, with rumors suggesting a starting price of around $1,200 or $1,300. Apple charges more for their titanium Apple Watch compared to the stainless steel version, and it is more expensive than the regular aluminum. The use of titanium could result in a phone that is more lightweight, stronger, and more resistant to corrosion. An iPhone 15 Ultra concept render has been shared, giving us an idea of how this new phone may look.


Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Ultra may feature a periscope-style telephoto camera that won’t be available on the regular iPhone 15 Pro, allowing for higher optical zoom range, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Additionally, it may even have dual selfie cameras, improving the bokeh effect on self-portraits. Meanwhile, rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Ultra could have a titanium frame, which would make it more expensive, with a starting price of around $1,200 to $1,300. This would be in line with Apple’s practice of charging more for premium materials, such as titanium in its Apple Watch. The titanium material would also be more lightweight than stainless steel and more resistant to corrosion. There’s even talk that the iPhone 15 Ultra may have no ports at all, while the rest of the iPhone 15 lineup uses USB-C.

FAQs on iPhone 15

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

The exact release date for the iPhone 15 has not been announced by Apple yet, but it is expected to be launched in September or October 2023.

Will the iPhone 15 have a new design?

It is rumored that the iPhone 15 will have a new design, featuring a smaller notch or even a hole-punch front camera. However, nothing has been confirmed by Apple yet.

What processors will the iPhone 15 use?

It is speculated that the iPhone 15 may use the A16 processor, which is currently featured in the iPhone 14 Pro. Additionally, there are rumors that the new A17 chip may be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Will the iPhone 15 use USB-C instead of Lightning?

There are strong indications that Apple will switch over to USB-C to comply with European regulations mandating a common charger for all electronics, including the iPhone. The deadline for the switch is in 2024, but Apple could make the switch as early as 2023.


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