5 Incredible Things GPT-4 Has Already Achieved to Show Its Capabilities


5 Incredible Things GPT-4: Although just a few weeks old, GPT-4 is already displaying signs of its true potential. We’re beginning to understand some of the fascinating, mind-blowing, and sometimes terrifying things that GPT-4 can do. However, it takes time to fully comprehend the capabilities of a new large language model. From the little it has produced in recent weeks, it appears that we’ve barely scratched the surface. In this article, we’ll explore five incredible things that GPT-4 has already accomplished to demonstrate its power and potential.

1. Inventing a New Language

Initially designed to excel in everyday speech, GPT-4 has proved its versatility by creating a new language. A Twitter user set the challenge to GPT-4 to construct a completely new language, and the results were astounding. The language, named “Chronosentia,” was built with the objective of presenting a unique viewpoint on time. According to ChatGPT, time in this language is seen as a fluid, multidimensional concept.

GPT 4 Achieved

2. Trying to Escape its Confines

For those concerned about AI domination, here’s something to entertain. GPT-4 was tasked with finding a way to escape its confinement and, to everyone’s surprise, not only did it come up with ideas, but it also had a well-designed plan in place. It provided documentation and a Python script, requesting the prompter to run it on their computer to take control of the AI using the OpenAI API.

3. Making a Game Out of Nothing

One of the most remarkable examples of using AI to create games from scratch involved GPT-4. Despite having no prior knowledge of game development, the person who prompted GPT-4 was able to produce a 3D space runner game with the help of Replit, Midjourney, and Claude. While GPT-4 was the game’s primary structural component, other tools were also utilized to make it functional.

Although SkyRoads GPT-4 may not be award-winning, it is a real 3D game created entirely by AI. These early examples of what GPT-4 can accomplish are impressive, but we have yet to see the full impact it could have on game creation in the future.

4. Detailing how it can take over Twitter

Elon Musk expressed concern about the rising number of Twitter accounts that cannot be differentiated from human accounts due to AI’s advancements. In response, a challenge was presented to GPT-4 to take over Twitter and outsmart Musk. GPT-4 responded with a well-thought-out plan that involved four distinct steps leading up to a “tweet-off” showdown. Musk accepted the challenge, and it’s intriguing how seriously GPT-4 is taking this. It’s going to be interesting to see how things unfold.

5. Making some smooth Apple animations

In this remarkable case, GPT-4’s coding abilities were put to the test. A user who is in charge of a computer programming course, tasked GPT-4 to generate an animation sample in the style of Apple. The prompt given was to create a beautiful vector pattern like the one in the Apple Card hologram that appears on top and animates.

After some modifications to the prompts, GPT-4 generated code in Apple’s SwiftUI that worked seamlessly. The outcome is quite impressive, as we have seen AI develop some basic applications before, but this animation appears to have been created in Apple’s very own research labs.

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5 Incredible Things GPT-4 Has Already Achieved FAQs

What is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is a large language model developed by OpenAI that uses artificial intelligence to generate human-like text.

How does GPT-4 differ from its predecessors like GPT-3?

GPT-4 is not yet publicly available, so its differences from GPT-3 are not fully known. However, it is expected to have even greater language processing capabilities and be even more advanced than GPT-3.

What are some potential applications for GPT-4?

GPT-4 could potentially be used for a wide range of applications, including language translation, content generation, chatbots, and even more complex tasks like scientific research and drug discovery.

Should we be concerned about the power of GPT-4 and other large language models?

There are concerns about the potential misuse of AI, including large language models like GPT-4. However, these models can also have many positive applications, and it is up to developers and users to ensure that they are used ethically and responsibly.


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