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"Develop a winning attitude to accomplish more" 06-December, 2011

You can improve your personality if you have the passion to succeed

“Success in life mainly depends upon two factors – positive attitude and soft skills. Therefore give more emphasis to inculcate a winning attitude and sustain it through refining skills,” emphasized eminent career expert Shri Sunil D Kuruvilla. He was interacting with the faculties and the college students from the leading Arts and Science Colleges in Kerala as part of Online Gurukul’s weekly discussion on December 6th 2011 at Amritapuri, Kollam.

“Every individual is blessed with various skills. However, only a few realizes their skills and utilizes it well. Awaken the sleeping energy within you to light up your future,” he added.

What is meant by personality?

Compilation of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with a person is known as personality. The overall development of an individual in life is called personality development.

Ways to groom winning personality

Focusing on personality development may help you to overcome many hurdles in your life.

To develop winning personality, fill your mind with following qualities;

  • Positive thoughts
  • Motivate yourself
  • Believe in your strength
  • Build good body language
  • Interact with people in right way
  • Smile always

Ways to groom winning personality

Answering to a question, Shri Sunil said that self confidence is vital to achieve a winning personality. “If you are not confident of your actions and decisions, you will never succeed. There are several ways to improve your self confidence; interact with lot of people, explore new horizons, gain experience and do experiments. For example, think about Mullaperiyar Dam. Try to understand what the real problem is and the solution. Such efforts will help you to improve your character. You must have the courage to explore and experiment your knowledge.”

Keep engaged

“A person who has initiatives is more often known as a self-starter. He, has the confidence and the ability to do things himself, rather than waiting for someone else to instruct him to do. Remember that an idle mind is devil's workshop.”

Don’t blame your nature

Shri Sunil said blaming the faults on nature does not change the nature of faults.

"Often people reverberate that "it's my nature". Definitely your nature can be changed. First of all, improve your attractiveness by working on the nature. By doing this constantly, nature will definitely change towards a positive personality. Personality is the result of your willful and your thoughtful decisions to change. If you change your nature, you will be a beautiful person."


Around 12 leading colleges including Newman College, Thodupuzha, Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Sree Ayyappa College, Thiruvanvandoor, Iqbal College, Thiruvananthapuram, in Kerala participated in the interaction.

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