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Scholarship, Ethics and Values in Higher Education 31 July, 2013

Prof. Suresh Garg, School of Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi led the weekly discussion on July 31st with his talk “Scholarship, Ethics and Values in Higher Education.”

Highlights of the talk:

The world is made of opposites. Living in Paradoxical times. Challenged by individual, systemic and collective greed. Patented Ahimsa and compassion but unacceptable levels of indifference and intolerance.

Not long ago, teachers were worshipped and had a very important part in shaping the outlook of the students. Teachers were admired, looked upto and revered by the students. Now the teacher is no longer insulated from power and materialism.

What are ethics and Values?

Ethics are concerns for others-all living beings in nature. Ethics covers moral, rules of proper conduct and behavior so that one can distinguish right from wrong. Do not do to others what you don’t want others to do to you. Ethics imply a life of righteous conduct: thought, word, action etc.

Ethics are moral, religious, spiritual, social and professional. Ethics calls for adherence to judgments grounded in values of life. At the social plane, aspects such as human dignity, gender equality, social justice, liberty and freedom, privacy and confidentiality come up.

Education and Values

“By education I mean, an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-mind body and spirit” – Gandhi

Practicing ethics and values in Higher Education. A University should advocate core values such as transparency and accountability. Act democratically and take decisions through wider consultantions.Act democratically and take decisions through wider consultations. Promote innovative strategies for seamless dissemination .Continue work towards excellence.

The Vice Chancellor and his team should be humane, committed, truthful, quality conscious, entrepreneurial, visionary creative pragmatic proactive selfless and unbiased. Observe self control, financial propriety and tolerance to constructive criticism, promote and nurture talent, hard work and innovation.

The teachers and academicians are expected to exhibit the highest moral and ethical values. Engage in research and develop high quality learning materials. Be sensitive to students, Refrain from indulging in plagiarism.