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“Study for life, not merely to pass exam” 17-January, 2012

Students should inculcate reading habits

Eminent career expert and founder director of Insight Mission Shri Sunil D Kuruvilla urged all the college students to learn to bolster their lives instead of focusing only in - succeeding examinations. “Usually, students study merely for passing examinations. They, often, don’t know what they study, what is the purpose of it and its significance in their life etc. This attitude should be shelved. Qualitative change / development of a person happen through awareness and study. So, study for better life, not for winning examinations,” he stressed.

He was interacting with the college students as part of Online Gurukul weekly session from Amrita University Amritapuri campus on January 17th 2012.

Utilize gadgets wisely

While speaking about Effective Study Habits, Shri Sunil pointed out nowadays most of the students don’t have enough time to study effectively as they spend more time in using electronic gadgets. “While studying, students are engaged in sending SMS via mobile phone, watching TV, surfing internet, hearing songs via IPod etc. Actually, gadgets act as a facilitator. But, in the case of students, it dictates what they have to do. Even while using all these advanced facilities, students should derive some time to study efficiently also,” he added.

Cultivate ‘reading’ taste

Answering to a question, Shri Sunil said students should cultivate a taste for reading. “We can cultivate reading culture by reading newspapers or magazines that you like daily. Whether you like it or not, continue that process. Gradually, it will motivate you to read further. Then switch over to short stories, novels.”

Do meditation and yoga

He advised student community to do meditation and yoga to improve concentration, memory and mental strength.

Develop self confidence

“First of all, realize your strengths and weakness. Instead of worrying about negatives, concentrate on your positives and fine tune it gradually. And, believe that your positives are much higher than negatives. Then, try to overcome or ignore your weakness.”

Around 12 colleges participated in the online interaction.

The goal of Online Gurukul is to assist and empower needy students. The classes are being transmitted through Amrita University's award winning E-Learning platform - A-VIEW (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World).