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Virtual Labs 31 October, 2012

Dr. Ranjan Bose
Dr. Ranjan Bose

Dr. Ranjan Bose, Professor, IIT Delhi led the Weekly Discussion via A-VIEW with this talk on “Virtual Labs” on 31st October 2012.

Reasons to use Virtual Labs

Distance from physical labs

A lot of students may not have access to labs, which may be situated at institutes hundreds of kilometers away from them. Virtual labs enable them to access these labs.

Sharing of costly equipment

Researchers and students can access costly equipment which may not be accessible to them otherwise using virtual labs.

Replication of Labs

Virtual labs can be replicated and can be scaled up to include a large number of students.

How to use social media for teaching and learning

Virtual labs are complete learning management solutions in their own way with web resources, quizzes, video lectures and so on. Researchers, PG students and UG students can use these labs at their own convenient time, at their own pace and satisfy their curiosity in engineering and science subjects.

Dr. Ranjan Bose

Types of Virtual Labs

There are three kinds of virtual labs:

  • Remote Triggered Labs
  • Measurement Based Labs
  • Simulation/ Modeling Based Labs

Remote Triggered labs are the closest to reality and Simulation based labs are the most scalable.

Intended Users of Virtual Labs

  • College Students: Engineering and Science students can use virtual labs to conduct experiments at their pace.
  • School Students: They can use virtual labs to get a feel of science and engineering subjects and hence help them choose these fields of study in the future.
  • Researchers: They can collaborate with other researchers from other institutes and conduct experiments together.
  • Engineering Colleges: There is a lot of content in virtual labs. Colleges can gain a lot from it.

Participating Institutes

All the old IITs, Dayalbagh Institute, Amrita University, College of Engineering Pune and IIIT Hyderabad have virtual lab facilities. You may access Virtual Labs by logging on to www.vlab.co.in.


Around 100 virtual labs are in operation today. About 35 remote triggered labs are under development. Virtual Labs were launched on 23rd Feb, 2012.

Around 15 universities including Madurai Kamaraj University, NIT Karnataka and Punjab Technical University attended this talk.

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