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About Aview

A-view Classroom 2.0 New Features

Auto Updates

When the user starts A-VIEW, Auto updates features checks for the latest version of A-VIEW in the client machine. If the client version is outdated, then the system automatically downloads and installs the latest version.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)

Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) feature helps the user to have a clear conversation without echo during a live class. It prevents the Acoustic feedbacks, which are generally caused by an external speaker and a sensitive microphone).

Firewall/Proxy Setup

Firewall/Proxy system is to check whether the individual machine is behind a proxy network/firewall. If the user is found to be in a proxy network then the system would transmit the data to another port in order to stream the video to FMS.

Hardware Pre-Testing

A-VIEW's new feature Hardware pretesting system is to check the individual machine's hardware requirements such as Camera, Microphone and their combinations are working properly. Users get notification if their hardware requirements are not connected properly and their device status is set to inactive until they run a check again.

Global Control Local Management (GCLM)

Under GCLM, Amrita University controls the central database and helps to connect all the colleges/educational institutes of India over a private network. It provides opportunity to have a own database for any institute.

Note: For further details, please refer to A-VIEW User Manual